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Spring is in the Air!

Gearing up for the weekend when I will get to play around with some bright fun spring-like colors using a variety of silk yarns that are in the online store. Loom Fusilli and Risoni yarns are great to weave as they are strong, soft, and brilliant. The drape is fabulous and the cotton added to the Fusilli yarn adds a wonderful texture to the structure of the yarn. Mix that up with Ito's Kinu silk and a mulberry yarn, and voila! A luxuriously light fabric will emerge. You can see the draft for the project in the back. I used this draft for another cowl I wove last year, and it worked nicely, but I think the density of the warp was a bit different. We shall see how this blend of fibers works together and adjust as needed. Ideally, I would love to test out this pattern to use in a kit for others to pick up and create their own handwoven item, so let's just see what happens! Thankfully, this should weave up fairly quickly and I only put enough yarn on the loom for two cowls, so it should be off and ready to sew up by the end of the month. If you are interested in playing around with color and creating your own palette, check out Risoni, Fusilli, Kinu, and Mulberry yarns that are located in the Shop.

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