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Looking for something different for your next weaving project? Check out this hand-painted cotton yarn that is ideal for either warp or weft. It is an 8/2 cotton and each skein is 100 grams which is about 750 yards per skein. Ideal for either warp or weft, suggested EPI is 28-32 for a twill structure or 18-24 for a plain weave pattern. Each skein is unique and different-no two are alike which means you can let the yarn dictate your outcome! Great for scarves, towels, blankets, etc.  


  • As with any hand-dyed fabric/yarn, we suggest washing items by hand using mild detergent and cold/cool water. Some residue will be released during the rinse, but each skein goes through a rigorous rinse after dyeing where we use a professional detergent to wash away most of the residual dye that remains on the yarn. 

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