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Considered Cloth focuses on sharing the joy of handweaving, spinning, and fine materials. We offer a curated collection of unique yarns for weavers and knitters, weaving patterns and kits, as well as weaving equipment. Not interested in creating a woven item? Then, we have you covered as you can purchase a handwoven item from our store.

While the primary weaving studio and dye lab is at a storefront location in Greencastle, IN, workshops have taken place within the Chicago area at numerous locations such as LMRM, Evanston Art Center, Art Makers Outpost, and Compound Yellow. Interested in checking out yarn in person? Email to arrange an appointment or check out upcoming events such as Yarn Con.

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The Story

After years of teaching weaving at the academic level, artist and weaver Maggie Leininger launched Considered Cloth in 2017 to produce limited-edition woven goods for utilitarian and functional purposes. The goal was to use locally sourced materials such as cotton and flax grown and milled in the U.S. and introduce consumers to what it takes to produce one textile item. Since then, Maggie Leininger has expanded the weaving studio into a destination for hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind yarns as well as eco-friendly yarns with a low-carbon footprint, affordable and portable weaving equipment, and a site for hosting a variety of workshops in all things related to weaving, spinning, dyeing, and other textile processes. The goal is to create a space for shared learning, collaboration, inspiration, and access to hard-to-find textile equipment. Please inquire about our low-residency space in Greencastle, IN that provides weavers with access to a dye lab, various looms and spinning wheels, and other equipment. Can't travel, but are interested in renting a loom? Check out the small loom rental program on our Shop page. Discover the joy of weaving and being a part of a great community!

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Interested in hosting a one-day weaving workshop? Want a commissioned one-of-a-kind textile? Contact us today.

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